Dan Deacon Poster

First off, Dan Deacon hates this poster. Specifically the way I drew him. (I’m sorry man, I draw everyone grotesque!) The flyer was for one of the shows I threw at Mass Art, in conjunction with BOWAAC and Urban Monsters. First Time I met Mr. Deacon was at the Avalon in Boston, when he was opening for Girl Talk. I was around because I was painting this wild roadside DKM mural on the back of the club, and I overheard Dan talking about the band Neptune. I interrupted to announce they’d be playing later that night at the Milky Way in JP. I went to that Neptune show, and sure enough Dan Deacon jumped on the roster last-minute for a midnight neon-skull freak-out!

The Ultimate Reality show advertised above was a blast, Jimmy Joe Roche had made visuals for the tour, and Deacon was providing the score. I remember they wanted to push the sound up to 11. Lots of concern over the volume. Local heroes Ho-Ag and Big Digits opened, alongside my pal Dank of Main Fader.

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