Big D x Brian Butler

This shirt was for Big D and the Kids Table’s anthem, “Shining On” off their Strictly Rude album. There’s a lot of Allston references, so that’s what they got for a landscape. More images after the jump.
I was asked to design their skateboard deck, and later asked to rework the image to work as a shirt. Consequently, this ended up being the first shirt I ever had distributed through Hot Topic. Mall-rat fame!

I made a series of Specials and English Beat parody graphics. These are my favorite, and apparently someone else’s favorite as well. The one on the right is titled “Doin’ it since ’96”.

My cameo.

I made these graphics back in high school, and definitely thought I was the man, because they were selling my shirts while on tour in Europe. In hindsight I kind of want to barf when I look at those graffiti letters. The whole thing’s too loud, each letter wants to be to coolest, all jazzed up with arrows. I beginning to head in the right direction with the “girl with no name” aka “the girl who had no name”.

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