Dropkick Murphys x Brian Butler

This ended up as a sweatshirt for the Murphys. It’s a compilation of Boston landmarks. They made a point of including that wall from Southie.More images after the jump. I was asked to do this giant lettering job on the back of Avalon in Boston, in preparation for The Meanest of Times album to be viewed by commuters everyday on the Mass Turnpike. It was sketchy as hell back there, and there was definitely no room for stepping back to check proportions (unless I wanted to get hit by a train or 16 wheeler). The Murphys were the last band to play in Avalon before it’s demolition, and to my amazement, throughout the construction the mural remained intact. Now it’s a giant House of Blues, and it’s gone, but not before it got a second breath of life when Shepard Fairey posted some stuff beside it.

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