Isle of Misfits Series

Isle of Misfits is where characters are subjected to ridicule, embarrassment, torture, and worship. These works are the testing ground for different methods in painting, as well as working out complex narrative relationships. I’d compare it to putting a bunch of drawings on a reality show to the death. The piece above is on a large canvas, and details traditional life on the coastal shore. More paintings after the jump.

This large work on paper illustrates the troubles of life in a natural disaster. Here is a canvas that details the above event, as “claw boy” sifts through chin-high semi-opaque fluids, that reveal the trouble below. A yeti stuck his head in this landscape, and basically ruined what I was doing with the landscape. So it remained as is.At the million year stand-still, the environment remains dramatic, as the foes embrace for the impact of the others strike. But neither is foolish enough to make the first move, as that guarantees defeat.The flash of an albino tail in the deep prophecies a white plague.Then people began exploding.Spontaneous Self-Combustion became an epidemic.

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