Great American Hardcore Fest

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The line wrapped half way around the building as paranoid security guards stripped attendees of their daggers, baseball bats, pens, pencils, wallet chains, key ring clips, and any other tools that may be deemed useful in recreating a scene from The Warriors. I managed to sneak in a couple of felt-tip markers, after explaining how it’s soft tip would merely mark someone’s eyeball and not puncture it.

After entering I had to explain the meaning of those big fat x-marks on my hands, and re-validate my birth date with the dude guarding the 21+ lounge area (with the good light for drawing). The conflicting symbols on my wrist were far too much for the staff at Club Lido to comprehend. However, the freelance security guys working the stage were awesome. Big tattooed guys, who were clearly in-tune with the Great American Hardcore Fest, and what it’s all about. They were totally comfortable with the pile-ups, stage dives, and skull-walking, and unfazed by the aggressive apes and ninjas kicking and thrashing around the pit.

Highlights from Day Three of the Fest included witnessing the return of Guns Up, enduring the Banner’s chest-rattling bone-breaking set, Trash Talk’s ability to enthusiastically execute a 20-minute set comprised only of songs that straddle the one minute mark, Death Before Dishonor and COA coaxing the audience to throwdown like a touchdown, and Converge performing some soon-to-be legendary tracks off Axe to Fall.

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