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Levitate Brand

I made this bad boy for my friends at Levitate Brand in Marshfield, MA. Really inspiring to watch them grow from afar, and to have a chance to collaborate at last.

Erick The Architect

I had the pleasure of drawing up the blueprint for the architect. Erick listed off a bunch of stuff that was inspiring him on these tracks, and I sketched it out to use on his Arcstrumentals Vol 1 album. He also got Show Drawn in Miami alongside Meech and Juice at the Flatbush Zombies show. Peep the album here:

GZA album art


I’m super-stoked to have made this artwork for the GZA‘s latest single “The Mexican”. The artwork captures the tension between GZA arriving in this OG Mexican town, laced up in his Tims, about to square-off with this Wild West villain type guy. All to hopefully win the affection of Las Fashionista on the right.

Also the serial number on the top is a shout to the WU-36 Chambers and GZA-492 telephone numbers you punch to write GZA

Say It Aint Southern

I made this stuff on behalf of freight train aficionado Say It Ain’t Southern. He held a terrific art show to accompany his Vol. 1 SIAS zine release in Dallas, TX. Posters are still available here.

From One Hand to Another

I drew this graphic for Pharrell’s non-profit, From One Hand To Another. The tote was released at Shaggfest in Virginia Beach over the summer.

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I illustrated this #SuperHeroThoughts shirt for UNKNWN at the height of Lebron’s super hero phase. Miami still loved him, and villains feared for their lives.

F*CKED UP -Converse Rubber Tracks Poster

I drew a bunch of banana peels to promote a show with Fucked Up, The Menzingers, and Bent Shapes in Boston. The poster was made on behalf of Converse Rubber Tracks. They were super-rad to work with. It was also super-rad to actually go to the show! Here’s the Show Drawn drawing from it!

Camera Roll-ette

Camera Roll-ette is a social experiment / ice breaker / game-type thingy my bud Ivan Cash invented to help people use smart phones to actually connect in person. Before making this illustration, I had the pleasure of playing the game alongside him and a few strangers last spring at the ADC Festival in Miami. There is certainly a vulnerability in opening up someone’s camera roll, and allowing for all types of the crazy stories that get revealed. (Our group found a trend in sunset selfies)

Don’t trust your precious phone in the clumsy hands of strangers? Consider buying an official Camera Roll-ette phone case!