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Little Dragon x tumblr IRL

I made a comic on behalf of Little Dragon for Tumblr IRL (in real life). The story is inspired by their new album Nabuma Rubberband. We incrementally released the pages of the comic online, at and everything culminated with a special live performance, inside a space I helped craft and design with my good bud Kurt Williams. The event was held at XIX Studios, and also featured a pop-up comic shop curated by myself and the fine folks at Secret Headquarters.

Photos in this post by Megan Thompson, Maximilian Ho, Sagan Lockhart, and instagram users nahneenkula, cofffeeeeeeee, tvsmatt, kaitlinmaud, theshq, littledragonflicks, and katiekaymead. Special behind the scenes thanks to Nate and Julia at Tumblr, Dave at Secret Headquarters, Kevin at Boxed Water, Monica at XIX, Adam Ramona and Ryan at Loma Vista, Hacienda and Church of Fun, Andy, Ed, Heathcliff, and the Little Dragon team for being so awesome :)

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I was stoked to contribute to the Chiizu photo sticker app, (made famous by the Japanese Purikura photo booths). I love the artists who’d already contributed, and jumped at the chance to add my flavor. I took the black and white direction, peppering in an eclectic mix of cartoon eyeballs, masks, chains, haunted stuff, kitties, and stuff straight from my sketchbook.

Chiizu is available for iPhone here my upperhandart theme is available for 99¢ Thanks to the Instagram users featured above :) jayjohero, lalekardes, mmming_k, domnicolee, cheriebuttonss, barbiebeth, estherlovesyou, fvncy


I was invited by Iamsound ( and Vans ( to be the featured artist for their VANS CLASSIC & BOSTON event this past November. I had an amazing time seeing friends, and handing out 50 pairs of customized vans shoes, to a live soundtrack provided by The Walkmen. In addition to the shoes, I was also asked to customize socks and create a shirt specific to the event. I chose to illustrate the dude off the MA state flag for the shirt, embellishing his silhouette with doodles of other items that represent New England. I ended up converting the socks into hand puppets, by silk screening goofy faces onto all 60 pairs. The sock puppets became quasi-mascots for the event, overseeing the show from my gifting station.

Also, they made this rad promotional video for the event.

Absolut Peppar

I was invited to transform my studio at the Ansonia into a temporary bar, themed around Absolut’s Peppar flavor. The drink is accented with the taste of chili pepper, and I was paired with Virginia King, the queen bartender of Miami’s beloved Broken Shaker. The flavor lent itself it to Mexican iconograpfy, so I decked out the room with palms, a flower crucifix, giant paper mache Frida Kahlo bust, and transformed an automated fortune teller into an interactive shrine. Guests dropped tokens into the shrine, and the flower-laden gypsy would announce their lucky color, and vend a branded loteria card.


I had a blast working with III Points, Strangeways and Tvvin Haus on the inaugural Wynwood edm festival. My first contributions ran the creative gamut, from design to mural work. I had the pleasure of making a spread in Luis Pinto’s Strangeways zine, which was released the first night of the festival. I made a poster for the event with a handwritten list all the acts, which we then re-purposed as a step and repeat photo backdrop. Then I tackled a couple murals. The larger one featuring some Simpsons characters hanging among some Miami graphics. I imagined the three eyed fish somehow related back to the III Points name. The other mural was along the ramp leading into the Mana Production building. It portrayed a crowd of imagined festival goers, all stacked on top of one another, waiting to get inside.

Jacuzzi Boys

I made this Santeria-inspired for Miami’s favorite rock n roll band. Gabriel did the bobo typography across the top, and I doodled all the stuff I saw inside this botanica on Bird Rd. They took this design out on their tour with Wavves and King Tuff. None left.

Larry and His Flask / Cobra Skulls Split

I love these bands. When I heard they were doing a split, I instigated my way into doing the album art. The front portrays a hanky-panky cobra, hanging with a full flask. But the cobra died on the back, and the flask fell victim to the cobra’s venom. Asian Man Records released 500 copies I think? It’s crazy that I did something for Asian Man; I used to go nuts for that label growing up. Very happy with this whole project.

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Regular Show

I was invited to make an alternate cover for The Regular Show comic issue 2. I gave them a few options, and they chose the version where “everyone is probably on drugs”. Which was awesome, as it was the most fun to draw. I was just looking for a picture of the cover, for this post, and I discovered that it’s already being sold on ebay for twice the cover price! A small fortune!

I asked my new pals at KaBOOM if I could also make a short comic. I submitted a few ideas, and got approval to move forward on the one about Rigby’s tension with rollercoasters entitled “Thrill Baby”. It ended up in the first issue, and in a bunch of comic convention promo issues. Which rules. I wrote and drew it, and Maarta Laiho handled color. Thanks guys!

Look out for a story I wrote alongside Aaron Zimroth in a later issue!

Sweat Records

Sweat Records is a pillar in the Miami music scene. Naturally that was the first place I hit when I moved down here. I’ve had the pleasure of rocking the promo materials for their annual local showcase Sweatstock for the past 2 years.


Wounds are a loud band from Ireland. I designed their debut album and complimented their existing “W” emblem with some proper/aggro typography. Then we made some merch with an over-dressed tiger eating a naked chick in the tropics.