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Blacklight Mini Golf Poster


My friends at Trifecta Editions invited my to contribute a blacklight poster to a bangin group art exhibition at Blanc Gallery in Boston called “Go to the light”. I gravitated toward my longstanding interest in miniature golf, and created this nine hole blacklight mini golf poster.

Seymore Putts

I made a quick and dirty Seymore Putts prototype. He’s a mini golf expert with a foul mouth. I would love to edition this dude as a vinyl figure. Keep an eye out for further developments on the Seymore Putts story.

NYC Mini Golf Party

This Saturday April 16th, Ryan McGinness Studios will be hosting party #40 of their “50 Parties” project. The night will be miniature golf themed, and will feature a hand-crafted 18 hole course! For details visit!

Mega-course Series

The Megacourse is the all-inclusive miniature golf destination. As thoughts are accumulated on the green, the Mega-course manifests apprehensions of each thought and forces the player to defeat the newly-acquired obstacle. Only the most focused, self confident, player can defeat the Megacourse.

Central Mini Golf Mural

This piece is about 8’x18′ painted along the legal wall in Central Square Cambridge. It was the first thing I made upon returning from Europe. It’s intended to be a celebration of the perfect summer weather. Made it in a day. Notice the nod to the Rt. 1 dinosaur. Video after the jump. Continue reading