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Miami Beach

I made this bad boy on with support by Pabst Blue Ribbon. I lucked-out with weather, and finished it in 4 days with a lift. It’s located on world-famous Espaniola Way in Miami Beach, FL, on the side of Kill Your Idol. The wall features a couple tourists, some litter, a gator, dolphin, beach towel, umbrella, and jellyfish.


Feels pretty special to sneak into this roster of artists. Thanks to Terry Monorex for letting me jump on this Monorex 10yr wall. Left to right: L’Amour Supreme, Greg Mishka, Greg Mike, Cope2, Kevin Lyons, Tristan Eaton, Buff Monster, Mysterious Al, Kashink, Brian Butler

Ansonia Mural

I took over the lobby of the Ansonia building for the week of Art Basel. The building is home to my studio, and steps away from the Bass Museum, and the Convention Center where Art Basel is held on Miami Beach. The panels are painted with a combination of spray and house paint, and feature the portraits of iconic characters found in Miami. It’s a sort of boys club, to even-out the ladies I painted on the other walls.


I had a blast working with III Points, Strangeways and Tvvin Haus on the inaugural Wynwood edm festival. My first contributions ran the creative gamut, from design to mural work. I had the pleasure of making a spread in Luis Pinto’s Strangeways zine, which was released the first night of the festival. I made a poster for the event with a handwritten list all the acts, which we then re-purposed as a step and repeat photo backdrop. Then I tackled a couple murals. The larger one featuring some Simpsons characters hanging among some Miami graphics. I imagined the three eyed fish somehow related back to the III Points name. The other mural was along the ramp leading into the Mana Production building. It portrayed a crowd of imagined festival goers, all stacked on top of one another, waiting to get inside.

Brisk Bodega Mural

Brisk and Noisey teamed up to highlight what’s brewing (iced tea pun) in major cities across the US on the Brisk Bodega tour. I got mixed into the Miami date with this 8′ x 16′ mural. Every character is a shout to someone on the Miami event roster. From left to right you have, Raider Klan (top), DZA (bottom), personal Boston shout (top), Metro Zu (bottom), Strange Ways zine held by an everglades gator, Slow Roast Records piggy, and Big Booty South Beach chick with a Mike Duece bikini, and a Peachfuzz tattoo.

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S+A Mural

I had the privilege of painting the famous Shulman + Associates building in Miami’s Design District. These walls have housed great artists such as Jesse Nite and Steve Saiz, and this Basel I’m taking a turn to doodle on them. The title is Raw Power, after Miami’s honorary prince of rock Iggy Pop, and the palate is a combination of the buildings white exterior and a fleshy raw salmon color. Be sure to come through on December 6th, as I will be displaying and selling pieces from my Drawing Graveyard.
Above photos by Jamie Salazar