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Ice Cream People at Kidrobot Miami

Kidrobot Miami is proud to present the Ice Cream People-A Collection of Evidence by Brian Butler. Stop by Kidrobot Miami and illustrate your own Ice Cream Person. Drawings collected through out the show will act as evidence toward your frozen experience. Ice Cream People works on display include Shepard Fairey, MCA Evil Design, Heidi Kenney and many more. The opening reception/ice cream party will kick off on Saturday, December 18 from 6-8 pm in Kidrobot Miami’s gallery at 638 Collins, Miami Beach. The Ice Cream People exhibition will be on display through January 26.

638 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139


Contemporary Masters

Here’s our hole for the Contemporary Masters miniature golf show at the Salt Lake Art Center in Utah.

Our hole, “Take Out the Clowns”, is comprised of space brain monsters who are harvesting the funny fluid of human clowns. And the effect this has on the gravity of circus peanuts. Amidst all of the chaos, the albino shouting gorilla is running amok, throwing banana peels at everything! Below the fairgrounds looms the space brain’s crystal cave, a kind of wine cellar of funny fluid.

There are 3 ways to navigate this chaos.

The first option is to go up the quarter-pipe and into the mother-ship to defeat the brains. and return to earth via a spiraling space beam.

Or perhaps you’d rather take the secret passage through the quarter-pipe, and through the geo-dome. in pursuit of the escape albino gorilla.

Or finally, you could take the ramp through the crystal cave. for a quick meal of moon-shine and circus peanuts with the hobo.

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January Art Shows

Then the following Saturday I’ll be in Brooklyn, NY for the opening of another group show at Lucky Gallery (176 Richards Street, Brooklyn, NY. 11231). January 16, from 6-9PM, Lucky Gallery is hosting an artist reception for the exhibition “Anatomically Incorrect” which is an an on-site collaborative drawing installation by Anastasia Akulinina/Kaerfkrahs, Brian Butler, Downer, Faro, Scott Ferguson, Fish McGill, Maxwell Piersol, Cardon Webb, and Eunjeong Yoo. “Anatomically Incorrect” exhibition runs January 16th to February 7th.

Working directly on the gallery wall each artist creates a visual conversation; the alchemy of characters, text, and pattern affecting how the mural expands as each artist works responsively to the other.

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Beg Borrow Steal

In these trying economic times, continuity often demands a hit to ones pride, or a duck from moral standards. BEG BORROW STEAL assembles the work of a variety of emerging artists who embrace theft and appropriation as key elements in their creative process.

BEG BORROW STEAL is a group show of 35 young artists, juried and curated by Aaron M. Segal, a MassART graduate. Aaron is currently the art preparator of the LaMontagne Gallery. His objective for the show was to organize a group of peers, who may at this point in their careers still have limited access to commercial galleries, and give them the opportunity to show in one of Boston’s best. In the spirit of the show, the LaMontagne Gallery has been begged borrowed and stolen while Russell LaMontagne is on vacation, hopefully he won’t mind.

Contributing Artists:
Aimee Belanger, Octavia Bennet, Brian Butler, Michelle Carter, Cydney Cnossen, Corey Corcoran, Ryan Crowley, Alexander DeMaria, Hilary Doyle, Terrence Gaidamovcio, GJYD, Jes Hughes, Vanessa Irzyk, Victoria Jacob, Alex Jacobson, Ian Jeffrey, Michelle Livingston, Melissa McGorty, Matthew Mosher, Monica Nydam, Destiny Palmer, Chloe Reison, Jeremy Roby, Rachel Salamone, Camden Segal, John Skibo, Catherine Stack, Wayne Stoke, Noelle Teague, Jena Thomas, Christopher Wawrinofsky, Alison Wilder, Brian Wilmont, Amy Yoshitsu, Michael Zachary

An Unauthorized Use of the LaMontagne Gallery

On View: August 15th – 29th
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 15th, 6 -8 PM

LaMontagne Gallery
555 East 2nd Street
South Boston, MA