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More Tour

Found a killer miniature golf place outside Chicago, called “Novelty Golf”. Beautiful assortment of kitschy oddball obsticals, and handpainted signs. I was thrilled by the Frankenstine Castle, which had a weird little Star Wars action figure diarama built into it!? 5 stars!

Contemporary Masters

Here’s our hole for the Contemporary Masters miniature golf show at the Salt Lake Art Center in Utah.

Our hole, “Take Out the Clowns”, is comprised of space brain monsters who are harvesting the funny fluid of human clowns. And the effect this has on the gravity of circus peanuts. Amidst all of the chaos, the albino shouting gorilla is running amok, throwing banana peels at everything! Below the fairgrounds looms the space brain’s crystal cave, a kind of wine cellar of funny fluid.

There are 3 ways to navigate this chaos.

The first option is to go up the quarter-pipe and into the mother-ship to defeat the brains. and return to earth via a spiraling space beam.

Or perhaps you’d rather take the secret passage through the quarter-pipe, and through the geo-dome. in pursuit of the escape albino gorilla.

Or finally, you could take the ramp through the crystal cave. for a quick meal of moon-shine and circus peanuts with the hobo.

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Next week I’ll be taking part in a group mini golf exhibition, in Salt Lake City, alongside Christopher Wawrinofsky and 17 other awesome artists!
Opening reception is Friday, June 18 at the Salt Lake Art Center. The exhibition will be on view through September 16th. I’ll have photos up next week.